Bell Channel Inn

Great Diving Service - Experience Counts!

Because of Presley's 30 + year experience we were able to dive when no other outfit
would take us out. The seas were rough that day and all the other dive companies cancelled their dives. But, because Presley knows the seas extremely well he was able to take us out when he noticed the swells and weather calming down.
Even though the waves were 3 ft. He and Jerry were able to get us off and on the boat easily, no problem, for 2 spectacular dives.
And they got us back before our cruise ship closed the doors at 4pm.
It was like having a private dive.
Jerry was the dive master and took me and my girl on 2 beautiful tours of a shipwreck and shark alley. He also filmed us with my gopro. Very accommodating. I'm looking forward to doing it again.

16 Jan, 2020

Amazing experience!

Almost a private dive! Last week I did two dives with Caribbean Divers, and I couldn’t be more happy! I was coming late because the boat I was before broke and had to be towed, but they didn’t give up on me, and Lisbeth was right at the Pier when I arrived!
Small group, very knowledgeable staff! They took us to two gorgeous diving site, making sure I wasn’t going to deep because I had done two dives prior, one at 100 feet. Very nice of them to worry about me not getting close to my deco levels.
They set all my equipment! For the first and second dive, and the only thing I had to do was to enjoy my time.
On the way back, they made a quick stop at the dock of my hotel and drop me right there.
Thanks Lisbeth, Preston and the DM on board of the boat. You guys rocked! I’ll be back.

13 Aug, 2019

Best diving with Caribbean Divers!

These guys are great! Very relaxed, safety orientated, informative and know their sites and diving extremely well. They help you suit/tank up, prep your tanks for you, and always have a watchful eye under the water. Their rates are great and I will be back with these guys. Presley (owner) - call him at 242-373-9111 /2 Definitely leave a message, you won't be disappointed.

10 Aug, 2019

Way above unexso

If you want a personalized service (vs feeling like cattle) don’t think twice. That’s where you need to go. This was my first dive trip after being certified in Canada. Jerry was fantastic and was the right guy for the job

16 Jul, 2019

Had so much fun diving with them

The captain - Presley is a very respectable and humble man, who doesn't care much about making money - He just wants to give you a great diving experience. The dive master Jerry, quiet and very professional. He makes sure every dive is safe and fun. I did 10 dives with them, and I was the only diver on the boat for 8 out of 10 dives. They could have just canceled the trip due to not meet the minimum diver requirement, but they still did 8 private dives for me which were best dives of my lifetime. Caribbean Divers made my Bahamas trip. If you are here in Grand Bahama and looking for some dive trips, please go no further.

08 Jul, 2019

Caribbean Divers - Grand Bahama - Excellent Dives and Staff - Great Locations

We have used Caribbean Divers owned by Presley Knowles for the last two years. They are a quality operation with a great dive master Jerry. Jerry is very safety conscious and follows his dive plans. We have dived numerous sites like Pygmy Caves, Theo's wreck the largest on the island at 250 feet, it sets next to a ledge that drops off 6,000 feet. We have done shark dives and numerous reefs which were in great shape.

If you are in Freeport, Grand Bahama look them up. Before we found them we used numerous dive outfits there that I would not use again.

Call Presley at Caribbean Divers - 242-373-1053

Paul C. Williams

22 Jun, 2019

Great diving

Did 10 dives over 5 days. From 40 ft shark dives to 100 ft wreck dive. These guys do a great job. Mr. Presley the owner is so experienced he was very accommodating. Jerry, his nephew and our dive master was superb. He guided us on every dive and made a special effort to point out creatures to my grandson (14). Can't wait get back. Oh and the boat was about 50ft from our room longest ride was 20 min.

21 Jun, 2019

Amazing Diving with Fantastic People

Caribbean divers was fantastic! We heard about them through trip advisor and when we showed up, the guys who were in all of the reviews were actually there! No bait and switch. Presley is the captain and Jerry is the dive master. They work together like a well oiled machine. My husband and I told them we wanted to get 12 to 14 dives in and they were extremely accommodating. Also, in the morning, when we would arrive at the boat, all of our gear would be hooked up and ready to go. Which is super important because almost all of their dive sites are 5 to 10 min away.
Presley went as far as picking us up from our hotel and dropping us off each day. On our way back to our condo the first day he insisted on driving us to a shop to get a disposable waterproof camera for our shark dive the next day, despite being in the opposite direction. Also, while on our daily dives, Presley would assist us in getting in and out of our gear. Before you could drop your weight belt between dives, Presley would have the next tank hooked up and ready to go. Truly amazing! Presley is so on point that one of the dive site markers had been run over but despite the missing marker, he was still able to find the wreck instantly!

0ur dive master Jerry was just as incredible. Three words to describe him are confident, knowledgeable, and relaxed. On our dives he would show us around but at the same time, he would totally let us set the pace. He was also great at always finding something interesting and different to show us. Between the swim thru's, the caves, and wrecks to the little things that we would have completely missed if not for his expert knowledge.... he truly makes every dive memorable.
For the personalization, experience, price, speed, ease, and convenience you couldn't ask for more. They make a strong argument to go back to the Bahamas real soon. CARIBBEAN DIVERS ALL THE WAY!

03 May, 2019

Great experience

We got a dive scheduled on a last minute notice and had a great experience. Very prompt service. Skilled crew. Attentive Dive Master. Saw lots of sharks and various schools of fish. They took their time with us, never felt rushed. Highly recommend them and will definitely go back.

01 May, 2019

Great diving

Had some great dives with Presley and Jerry. So glad we went with this company for diving - small group diving, good pricing, very knowledgeable and felt extremely safe with them. Saw some great things, sharks every dive. One dive had lots of sharks circling around, it was really cool. Saw my first star fish, that was awesome. Got lots of pictures and video, Jerry was very patient while we did this. He turned over rocks and all sorts of stuff to find the little creatures.

12 Apr, 2019