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Bell Channel Inn
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"Bell Channel Inn" is a Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Hotel ideal for the whole family, couples or groups of friends where every wish is taken care of. The friendly staff truly is happy to see you and to do all they can to make your visit the best it can be. Bell Channel Inn received the highest marks for Value, Service, Amenities and overall experience from travelers worldwide. Whether you're looking for a great value hotel or a romantic Honeymoon getaway, Thousands of reviews and opinions from the TripAdvisor community reported that Bell Channel Inn is the most loved Hotel in Freeport Grand Bahama and is among the top lists of Hotels on TripAdvisor for Freeport, Grand bahama. It earned various awards by TripAdvisor from Certificate of Excellence to Travellers Best Choice Award for Its remarkable quality, service and value.

Our accommodations have everything you would need to enjoy a carefree stay in paradise. You’ll delight in authentic Bahamian hospitality at Bell Channel Inn. Our collection of 32 rooms with each featuring amenities to inspire happiness throughout your stay along with the popular seafood restaurant & bar named "Upstairs on the Bay". At Bell Channel Inn, our most treasured Hallmark is our Hospitality. If you need anything beyond our services, we’ll be happy to assist you right away! We strive to go above and beyond when it comes to offer services as we know the top amenities travel consumers look for when booking a stay & at Bell Channel Inn the fun never stops because "... here, you're family!". 



We have got 32 Beautiful rooms with amazing waterfront view that feels so airy and comfortable - perfect for relaxation! A perfectly private room where you can really be yourself and do what you want. The morning gives you the beautiful bright sunshine that enters the room and the fresh air that makes it amazing like a little haven. We have the perfect accommodation including a beautifully clear blue pool that invites you in for a swim.


Bell Channel Inn also has Its own Restaurant & Bar/Lounge known as "Upstairs on the Bay" where guests enjoy drinks in "The No Stress Zone" after a long day in the sun. We offer the best of both Local Bahamian (Fresh Island cuisine) and American food. The coolest amenities guests can find at the hotel that serves a fresh sea food each day. Our cooks emphasize to use local ingredients and take advantage of the abundancy of fresh seafood around Freeport Grand Bahama. A Top-Rated Dining experience that is unmatched in Freeport Grand Bahama. 


Attractions - Dolphin Experience

Freeport  Grand Bahama is home to one of the globe’s premiere dolphin facilities. We encourage all our guests to take a few hours to visit the dolphins at Sanctuary Bay in Freeport to experience a truly unforgettable program.

So, spend a day in Freeport swimming and interacting with dolphins. The Dolphin Experience is a fun adventure enjoyed by kids and adults. There is a safe platform to stand on and the dolphins swim up to you for petting, kisses and pictures. It is a real up close and personal dolphin experience.


Freeport Grand Bahama is the picture perfect place for an unforgettable vacation. From newlyweds to families, sport enthusiasts to nature lovers, there's something for everyone on Grand Bahama Island. Families can go for swimming with dolphins, kayaking, horse riding, jet ski ride, parasailing, eco-adventures to jeep safaris and a must do adventure scuba diving with "Caribbean Divers" to see the best of underwater world of Grand Bahama.

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